Men's Club A Grade Singles

This year's major club championships, A Singles, Pairs and Fours will be played concurrently to try and reduce the lengthy commitment that has been required in the past. These 3 events have strict deadlines set by SCDBA for completion as they continue on to District and State playoffs.

If first round byes are part of the draw, the first two rounds will be played on the one day ie 9am and 1pm starting times. Players can avoid playing two games in a day by playing first round games earlier, by mutual agreement and Championship Coordinator approval.

All other rounds will be 1pm start.

Final dates are therefore designated 'To Be Confirmed'.

Register Online:

Lead Entry ID
John Spiteri 7198
Gav Cummings 7188
Dave Lewis 7186
Jeff Coleman 7185
P Schofield 7167
Tony McAnelly 7157
Peter Horton 7146
Steve Bowie 7145
B Schofield 7132
A House 7128
garry rogers 7095
Mark Perry 7070
D Furner 7049
G Shaw 7048
P MCCanna 7047
Dave Arnold 7045
Bob shooter 7023
Robert Briglia 7014
Daryl Birt 7012
Paul Parlevliet 7006
Dave Buckley 7005
mark walker 6985
Craig Brown 6977
Trevor Crosby 6973
Dennis Burgess 6967
Dave Large 6961
Matty Maguire 6725
Ricky Holt 5876

07 5449 7155

65 Hilton Terrace, Tewantin QLD 4565

07 5449 7155 for bookings

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