Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct for Members, Guests and Visitors

Access to the club is a privilege and comes with certain rights and responsibilities. The Code of Conduct provides members, guests and visitors with guidance on the standards of behaviour that are expected of them while they are on club premises.

It has been developed by the club to ensure everyone can enjoy amenities provided by the club in a safe, enjoyable and responsible manner.

Accordingly, members, guests and visitors shall:

  • respect the rights of others to enjoy the club’s facilities and services;
  • interact with each other and with the employees in a courteous manner;
  • refrain from disorderly or disruptive behaviours;
  • show due consideration to the needs of others, including their right to privacy;
  • comply with club policies, signage and lawful directions of employees;
  • access the club with proper identification and fulfill any sign-in requirements;
  • ensure minors are accompanied by a responsible adult;
  • abide by the dress code of the club (available upon request);
  • not bring food or drinks on the club premises for consumption on the premises;
  • not bring or have in their possession illegal materials while on club premises;
  • handle property belonging to the club with care and diligence;
  • refrain from representing the club, unless properly authorised to do so;
  • not pursue personal activities on club premises, without prior permission; and
  • not deliberately tarnish the reputation of the club or bring the club into disrepute.

The Code of Conduct is actively monitored by the club and applies at all times when members, guests and visitors are on the club premises. If a breach occurs and can be proven, the club may initiate disciplinary action, which may include refusal of entry, a verbal or written warning, withdrawal of certain privileges, and suspension or termination of membership (if applicable). The disciplinary action will be in accordance with the club’s rules

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