Ladies Club Pairs

10th March Ladies Club Pairs

This year's major club championships, A Singles, Pairs and Fours will be played in a way to try and reduce the lengthy commitment that has been required in the past. These 3 events have strict deadlines set by SCDBA for completion as they continue on to District and State playoffs.

Due to our involvement in the Great 8's Challenge an extended time period has been allowed for the first round. Players can avoid potentially playing two games in a day by playing first round games earlier, by mutual agreement and Championship Coordinator approval.

All other rounds will be 1pm start unless otherwise stipulated.

Once our involvement in Great 8's is complete games may potentially be scheduled for BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

CLOSING DATE 25th February.

Final dates are therefore designated 'To Be Confirmed'.

Register Online:

Lead Skip Entry ID
G. Steel M. McCarthy 6587
Janice Shooter Jen Bowie 6552
K.Burgeds D. Reed 6516
C Schofield L Stewart 6465
Patsy Fayne Sue Mould 6459
Sandra Boyce Kelsey W 6442
Liza Burgess Tara Ferrier 6428
Robyn McAnelly Jenny Lonie 6420

07 5449 7155

65 Hilton Terrace, Tewantin QLD 4565

07 5449 7155 for bookings

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