Wednesday Open Pairs

27th September 1pm to 5pm

Please note that entries for afternoon games close at 10.00am day of game.

If you are a single entry, enter your name in preferred playing position and leave the other position blank.
If you see an entry with a blank that you wish to fill then enter your name in your chosen position and add the entry ID of the line you wish to be added to. We will endeavour to match the request. In the event of multiple requests the first one registered will be selected.
After 'submit' check your entry appears in games listing.
To change or delete entry email or phone 0000 0000000.

Register Online:

Lead Skip Entry ID
L Huddleston R Clements 3999
T Miller T Rawlings 3998
C Payne J Payne 3997
J Bowie J Barrett 3996
T Crosby McAnelly 3995
B De Koster K Donoghue 3994
S Boyce K Wade 3993
G Rogers D Buckley 3992
P Schofield J Spiteri 3991
D Macaulay W Pendergast 3990
G Cummings L Stewart 3989
P Rieck B Zigliotto 3988
J Smith TBA 3987
M Perry M Froude 3985
J Coleman C Brown 3984
P Brown M Walker 3983
A Curtis P Renwick 3982
C Schofield D Arnold 3981
D Birt E Bolesworth 3980
J Burnett J Morrow 3979
K Burgess D Burgess 3978
N Jones P Horton 3977
S Bowie A House 3976
M Lowe S Chandler 3975
R Males K Luscombe 3974
N Giles T Shaw 3973
A Laird J Scruton 3972
R Bridger P Waugh 3971
A Neville D Orpin 3970
G Clarke W Reynolds 3969
C Wenke B Williamson 3968
A Davis D Coulter 3967
P Parlevliet S Roney 3966
P Jessup C Dewhurst 3965
K Manthey D Furner 3964
J Dibble B Schofield 3963
J McGill A Stossel 3962

07 5449 7155

65 Hilton Terrace, Tewantin QLD 4565

07 5449 7155 for bookings

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