Australia Day Open Triples

26th January 1pm to 5pm

Please note that entries for afternoon games close at 10.00am day of game.

If you are a single entry, enter your name in preferred playing position and leave the other position blank.
If you see an entry with a blank that you wish to fill then enter your name in your chosen position and add the entry ID of the line you wish to be added to. We will endeavor to match the request. In the event of multiple requests, the first one registered will be selected.
After 'submit' check your entry appears in games listing.
To change or delete entry email or phone 0411 549529

Register Online:

Lead Second Skip Entry ID
Petrina McAulay 5987
B SHOOTER Eric Bolesworth Daryl Birt 5956
Caz Dietrich Garry Rogers 5932
K Coghlan Julie Douglas Evelyn Coghlan 5913
Jen Bowie Bruce Isles Steve Bowie 5911
Patsy Fayne Michael Fayne Ken Johannesen 5895
bob ginnaw J. Shooter M. McCarthy 5887
Gwen Steel Chris Topliff Alan Laird 5865
Steve white Peter Larke Ken dietrich 5860
Dennis Robeck Glen Diggins A Campbell 5857
Leo Versteegen Russell Brown Ian Mathews 5856
T. Nichols David Chalmers Marlene Trembath 5855
Rodney Gundersen P Bennett Sue Mould 5854
bill wilde 5853

07 5449 7155

65 Hilton Terrace, Tewantin QLD 4565

07 5449 7155 for bookings

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